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Blendtec Red WildSide+ Jar
The Soft Lid is built to produce an airtight seal, perfect for smoothies, frozen drinks, slushes and more.  Fits both WildSide+ and FourSide jars. To be used on jars within sound enclosures.
The Blendtec Stealth 885™ is the most advanced commercial blender in the market combining durability, power, and a wealth of exciting features.  It includes a sleek sound enclosure, proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations to operate at a sound level comparable to a normal conversation, making the Stealth 885™ the world’s quietest, most advanced commercial blender on the market.
Blendtec Stealth 885X brushless, Titan motor
Blendtec Stealth 895 Nitro Blending System 2.0 commercial blender dissembled
Blendtec Twister Jar™
Blendtec Wildside Jar with fifth side for better blending vortex.
BWT's Bestmax Bestprotect Aquameter
BWT Bestmax Bestprotect XL
BWT Filter Head
Cafetto Brew Clean Tablets
Cafetto Espresso Grinder Cleaner
Cafetto Cold Pro Cleaner
Cafetto Espresso Clean Espresso Machine Cleaner
Cafetto Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner
Cafetto Liquid Organic Descaler
Cafetto Milk Froth Cleaner Green
Cafetto Tevo Mini Tablets
Conti CC100 Compact Tall Cup
Conti CC100 Tall Cup
Conti Monte Carlo Tall Cup
Conti X-One TCi
Demtruk Collapsible Trolley