BWT Bestprotect V


BWT Bestmax Bestprotect V is a simple, practical, all-round filtration solution developed for the diverse requirements of the foodservice sector. It provides superb quality water for a full coffee taste. It is suitable for use in vending equipment and produces perfect, pure steam for ovens and combi steamers. The new High-Efficiency Technology (HET) provides even more effective water optimisation, resulting in consistently high water quality for hot and cold drinks, kitchens, bakeries and all food and baked goods. 

Product Features

  • 5-stage filtration
  • Highly efficient limescale protection
  • Additional filtration of bypass water
  • High pH value to minimise the risk of corrosion
  • An easy filter replacement process
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Automatic water stop valve during filter replacement

 Connection thread (in/out) 3/8"
Intake pressure (min –max in bar) 2 – 8
Water temperature (min – max in °C) 4 – 30
Ambient temperature (min – max in °C) 4 – 40
Total height without bracket (A) in mm, approx. 420
Total height with bracket (B) in mm, approx 445
Connection height (C) in mm 366
Distance from floor (D) in mm 65
Installed length (E) in mm 125
Filter cartridges Ø (F) in mm 110
Weight in kg, approx. (dry/wet) 3.0/3.2
Order no. Filter cartridge FS23N00A00


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