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Blendtec Chef 600™ is the ideal on-counter commercial blender for culinary chefs with its one-touch kitchen controls specifically designed for food prep. Each setting runs at a consistent speed without the varying speeds of blend cycles and can be shut off manually or automatically after 90 seconds.
Chef 600
The Blendtec Connoisseur 825™ is perfect for high-volume cafes or restaurants. It comes with a sound enclosure where noise is a consideration, cutting down on blender noise and helping to ensure an undisrupted atmosphere. The Blendtec Connoisseur 825™ includes 30 pre-programmed cycles.
The Blendtec Connoisseur 825 SpaceSaver® is a workhorse built with a wide range of state-of-the-art features designed to ensure speed, consistency, and quality with each and every blend.
For a cafe or restaurant that offers just one type of drink or for a business that want to launch a basic drink program, the EZ® 600 can be customized to your needs. The Blendtec EZ® 600 commercial blender can also be programmed with specific profiles including smoothies, coffee, or milkshakes.
EZ® 600
The Blendtec Stealth 885™ is the most advanced commercial blender in the market combining durability, power, and a wealth of exciting features.  It includes a sleek sound enclosure, proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations to operate at a sound level comparable to a normal conversation, making the Stealth 885™ the world’s quietest, most advanced commercial blender on the market.
Stealth 885
The Blendtec Stealth® 895 Nitro minimizes waste, saves time, and increases your profit. Push a cycle button, and Stealth® Nitro does the rest - speeding up, slowing down, and shutting off the motor.  Perfect blends, every time.  Adapter rings are available to fit different sizes of cups from 12 ounces to 32 ounces.
The Blendtec FourSide commercial jar's square shape creates a vortex that minimizes cavitation and the patented single-prong wingtip blade keeps ingredients pulled down to better blends in less time.  The jar is perfect for café and restaurants that sell lower volumes of blended product.
FourSide Jar
The Blendtec Rapid Rinse™ Station reclaims valuable counter space with its compact and low-profile design and is perfect for stacking multiple Blendtec jars.
Blendtec has combined the volume of FourSide Jar™ with an innovative, stainless steel frothing blade.  The stainless steel blade features a “wave” bend that enhances the frothing capability to easily double the volume of many liquids.  The result - a quick, effective way to froth or aerate liquids.
Frothing Jar
Built to produce an airtight seal, perfect for smoothies, frozen drinks, slushes and more. Dishwasher safe. Fits both WildSide+ and FourSide jars. To be used on jars within sound enclosures. Colored lids also available.
Hard Lid
The Latching Lid™ is a flexible rubber lid that fits on WildSide+® and FourSide™ jars that have the lipped edge.
Latching Lid
The Blendtec Rapid Rinser (without station) has a stainless steel spray nozzle and uses a third of the water that other sprayers do.  A 6-foot, flexible, nylon-reinforced tubing has a 3⁄8" compression fitting for water hook-up.  The Rapid Rinser can clean any container that has a diameter of 8" or less.  By using the rinser, you can prevent you and your staff from having to come into contact with irritating chemicals.
Rapid Rinser
The Soft Lid is built to produce an airtight seal, perfect for smoothies, frozen drinks, slushes and more.  Fits both WildSide+ and FourSide jars. To be used on jars within sound enclosures.
Soft Lid
The Blendtec Twister™ jar is designed to blend your thickest recipes such as nut butters, hummus, sorbets, thick shakes, dressings, and more.
Twister Jar
The WildSide Jar has an exclusive, patented square design with a fifth side produces a better blending vortex, and a large capacity produces thicker, faster blending and shorter customer wait times.  Its extra-wide base, along with a more aggressive blade nearly 4 inches long, has helped the WildSide jar to raise the bar in the commercial blending category.
Stealth 885X
Stealth 885X