Conti MC Ultima


Unrivaled, Individual & Distinctive 

The MC Ultima is an evolution of the Conti flagship model, with a sharpened more efficient design, enhanced ergonomics, and more intuitive software. 


  • Smaller Footprint - taking every dimension of the original Conti Monte Carlo and shaving precious millimeters to make the unit lower and leaner in every way. 
  • Full-Colour User-Friendly Control Panel & Recipe Book - With the full-colour screen and recognizable icons, setting up and changing the parameters of the machines has become as easy as using a smartphone or tablet. The latest addition to the software is a multi-page 'recipe book', allowing users to log the coffees and brew ratios - and making drinks quickly accessible during service without the need for notes. 
  • 'Infinite Actuate' Steam Lever - Allowing the barista precise control over steam flow, making perfect texturing simple, even with an array of sensitive alternative milk. 
  • Customizable Standby Mode - Upload pictures and logos to the machine displaying custom images when the machine reverts to standby mode after inactivity. 
  • 42% Larger Cup Warmer - Removing the need for precariously stacked cups, which not only reduces breakages but also provides a clearer view over the machine enabling the barista to interact more freely with the coffee drinker. 
  • Redefined Internal Layout - By relating many of the machine's key components, saving more space whilst making the ongoing maintenance of the machine easier and more efficient, saving downtime, and prolonging the machine's life cycle.

Autosteam option available


  2 Groups 3 Groups
Dimensions (W x H x D Inches)  34 x 19.3 x 22.6 43 x 19.3 x 26
Weight (lbs) 192 232
Steam Boiler (L) 10 14
Coffee Boiler (L) 0.9 L x 2 0.9L x 3
Group Element (W) 100 100
Steam Boiler Element (W) 4200/6000 6000
Coffee Boiler Element (W) 1000/2500 1000/2500
Total Power (W) 1900-6700/
Voltage (V) 400 (230 option) 400

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