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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Blendtec Wildside Jar with fifth side for better blending vortex.Blendtec Wildside jar with patented fifth side
Blendtec Red WildSide+ Jar
Blendtec FourSide Jar™Blendtec FourSide commercial jar showing blunt wing-tip blade
Blendtec combined the volume of FourSide Jar with a wave-like blade to create Frothing JarBlendtec Frothing jar showing the wave stainless steel frothing blade
Blendtec Latching Lid™
The Soft Lid is built to produce an airtight seal, perfect for smoothies, frozen drinks, slushes and more.  Fits both WildSide+ and FourSide jars. To be used on jars within sound enclosures.
Blendtec Inc Blendtec Soft Lid
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Blendtec hard lid perfect for smoothies, slushes, frozen drinks
Blendtec Inc Blendtec Hard Lid
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Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station reclaims valuable counter space with its compact and low-profile design and is perfect for stacking multiple Blendtec jars.Rapid Rinse Station is made of chemical-resistant plastic, and a stainless steel spray nozzle ensure long-lasting operation
Blendtec Rapid Rinse (without station) has a stainless steel spray nozzle and uses a third of the water that other sprayers do.  By using the rinser, you can prevent you and your staff from having to come into contact with irritating chemicals.