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The perfect traditional espresso, handmade automatically.

Winner of both the iF Design Award and the Red Dot "Best of the Best" design award, the WMF Espresso Hybrid combines the traditional portafilter machine with the simplicity and consistency of a fully automatic espresso machine.

It looks and sounds like a classic traditional machine with the steaming and hissing sounds from an espresso bar, but it is all automated - guaranteeing consistently high coffee quality with ease.

Conventional portafilter espresso machines require a lot of technical know-how such as finding the right grinder setting and applying the perfect pressure while tamping takes practice. The WMF espresso measures all key brewing parameters and provides automatic grinding and tamping for you.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 integrated grinders and automatic tamping
  • Heated cup storage with soft closure
  • Brew-time monitoring and software-assisted grinding degree setting
  • Air-cooled bean hoppers for two different varieties of coffee bean
  • SteamJet for centralized preheating of up to two cups
  • Double-sided, upward-folding cup grids for providing optimal pouring height for cups

Espresso Machine Specifications

  • Up to 300 cups of espressos or café crème per hour (depending on setup)
  • Up to 240 cups of cappuccinos, lattes or milk coffees per hour (depending on setup)
  • Coffee bean hopper each approx. 1 lb.
  • Nominal output / Power supply: 5.5 kW / 208V

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