WMF 1500S+

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Slim by Design. Sheer Indulgence.

The WMF 1500S+ is the basic model for coffee indulgence. It is a fully automatic espresso machine that prepares high-quality coffee specialities, and it practically operates itself.

It offers a wide variety of coffee beverage specialities, consistently high quality, space-saving design, optimal reliability, and user-friendliness.  Quality down to the last detail, of course, includes the coffee – a must for continuously enhancing the valuable reputation of your cafe or restaurant.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 40 possible beverages, available in 3 cup sizes and 2 bean types
  • The touch screen is an easy-to-operate user panel and advertising space rolled into one
  • Flashing side panels indicate the current condition of the machine
  • Touch screen is designed with an intuitive user interface
  • Easy-to-follow interactive cleaning cycle
  • Patented Plug+Clean

Machine Specifications

  • Up to 180 cups per day (12oz cups)
  • 3 gallons of water output/hour
  • 2 bean hoppers with dedicated grinders (1.4 lbs.)
  • 1 chocolate hopper 2.6 lbs. (optional)
  • Small footprint: 13”W x 27”H x 23”D
  • Power supply: 20amps, 110V
  • Machine receptacle type: NEMA 5-20
  • Easy Milk System allows for cold milk beverages (optional)
  • Steam wand (optional)

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