Slayer Steam EP


The Ultimate Espresso Workhorse 

Specialty Coffee deserves nothing less. 

Slayer Steam EP offers by default, what the industry has long considered "optional". 

Temperature stability is afforded by individual group boilers, quick and easy-to-access volumetric dosing, and high-quality parts that require less maintenance over time.

Steam EP was made for coffee people by coffee people and designed with the needs of the modern specialty cafe. 

Features and Functionality

  • Redefining Entry Level - Individual group boilers, no steam valve rebuilds, easy-to-program volumetric dosing 
  • Individual Brew Boilers with PID Control - Consistent, reliable temperature ideal for high-volume beverage service 
  • Push-Button Volumetric Output - Program up to four automated shot outputs per group 
  • 9-bar Extraction with Pre-Wet - Program a 0-4 second Pre-Wet phase and Pause phase before full extraction
  • Electronic Solenoid Steam Valve - Reliable, low-maintenance valves don't need rebuilding like mechanical valves 
  • Centralized Heads-Up Barista Dashboard - Easy to operate, program, and fine-tune your machine from a single screen 
  • Unique Design - Low-profile, large drip tray, and ergonomic functions allow baristas to speak with guests easily 


Dimensions (W x D x H inches)  35 x 28 x 17 
Weight (lbs) 220
Brew Tanks  1.7L, 600W x 2
Steam Tanks  7.4L / 3,500W
Single-Phase Power 220 - 240V, 50/60 Hz, 26A; 4.7-5.6kW
Three-Phase Power 380 - 415V3N, 560/60Hz; 17A; 4.9-5.7kW



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