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Innovative technology in combination with specially prepared spice and ingredient blends provide for a
unprecedented taste experience - prepared in seconds!

Discover our stylish SCRAEGG appliance with high performance steam nozzle, robust and easy to use - soon also available for home use! You can also choose from our specially developed spice mixes for fluffy, light scrambled eggs, creamy porridge, a hearty tomato soup, a lunchcup with quinoa and chocolate pudding. By adding the appropriate amount of liquid, SCRAEGG will give you a delicious To-Go meal in seconds.

We are constantly developing the SCRAEGG experience -look forward to more delicious lunchcups and desserts soon!


Innovative and profitable

With the SCRAEGG Pro, gastronomic businesses can prepare delicious meals and snacks in max. 20 seconds. It can be served in a To-Go cup or on a plate. Different flavours ensure variety and customer satisfaction.

You can choose from the spice mixes we have developed for light and airy scrambled eggs, creamy porridge, a hearty tomato soup, savory lunchcups and more.


 Scrambled eggs can be made with whole egg or shell egg

Fully automatic preparation - at the touch of a button

Space-saving, approx.30x30x46,5 cm

Operation with 230V (50Hz), 1800W

 1.5l water tank for approx. 70 portions per tank (depending on the chosen type of food/spice mix)

Minimal soiling, little cleaning

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