Rhino Coffee Gear Thumpa Set


The Thumpa Set is a great way to save on shipping costs.  The Thumpa Set ships at a very low weight (5kg) and in a compact package to anywhere in the world.  All that is needed is a 160mm outer diameter pipe/tube, and the top and bottom slip right on to complete the waste tube. Generally a few drops of plumber's glue is all it takes to secure the base.  

The Thumpa Set also offers the opportunity for branding, by allowing the user to paint or vinyl coat the tube of their choice.  As well, the exact and preferred height of the tube can be selected.  The Thumpa Set fits most brands and models of commercial knock tubes on the market.  

Tube dimensions to complete the set are:

Outer diameter: 160mm (6.2992")

Wall thickness: 5mm (.01969")

Length: 725mm (28.5433")

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