Rhino Coffee Gear Bio-Degradable Waste Bags for Thumpa 860


Bio Degradable waste bags are about durability and strength.  The LAST thing you want is a waste bag full of wet coffee grounds breaking or tearing.  These waste tube liners are 100% Australian-made using recyclable and biodegradable materials. Made to fit perfectly inside your Thumpa 860.

They lift straight out of the waste tube (just lift the top right off), and are easily disposed of without mess or fuss.  Comes in a long-lasting roll of 100. Bag roll and Thumpa 860 together weigh 7.5kg (empty).

Comments: Occasionally a waste bag can become quite full and a "vacuum effect" may occur underneath making it hard to remove the bag from the tube.  This can be resolved in a couple different mannners:

Option 1) A couple of holes in the base of the tube can be drilled, preventing the vacuum from forming

Option 2) When emptying, tie the top of the bag up in a knot and lay the entire tube on the ground.  The waste settles to one side reducing the vacuum effect and makes it easy to silde the bag out.  This method is also gentler on the barista's back!

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