Mavam Under Counter Espresso Machine

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This is the machine that started our under counter espresso machine revolution. A large 14 liter steam boiler along with two 500ml brew boiler and our patented temperature control system allow our two group machine to produce high volumes of espresso.

Simplicity. We chose a simple path to temperature stability and have applied it to our methodology in the engineering of Mavam Espresso Machines. We have created a machine that gives the barista what they need to create beautiful espresso beverages with excellent workflow.
Low Profile Countertop Interface

The low profile Interface of Mavam Espresso Machines is both a statement in design as well as a platform for espresso brewing theater and discussion. Without the conventional “box” espresso machine there is nothing to impede service and the focus on Hospitality in your business. Your consumer can see what’s happening with drink preparation and your barista benefit from the theater and intimacy found across the bar, as well as employing logical workflow benefits with easily engaged activation switches common between Group, Steam and Water applications.

Temperature Stability

The temperature stability of a Mavam Espresso Machine is unparalleled. Utilizing PID temperature control to maintain temperature in multiple locations and then heating those surfaces we maintain a very stable brewing temperature over multiple brew operations. This is truly Mavams strong point when compared to other brewing equipment.

Multi Boiler Design

Mavam espresso machines utilize a heat exchange type steam boiler and stainless steel brew boilers for each brew group

Heated Brew Group

The brew group is heated with a cartridge type heater that helps maintain brew temperature.

Low Flow Pre-infusion

The concept of pre soaking the bed of coffee at low flow for a predetermined set of time can affect coffee in many ways. Affecting acidity and body of the extraction are just a few of the desirable traits of pre-infusion. We utilize a low flow .06mm flow at 30 PSI (2 Bar)

Auto or Manual Extraction Modes

Choose between Manual or our Chronomass Timed Based Volume automatic brew function on the fly or program one group for manual the other for automatic. The choice is up to the Barista.


Chronomass or Time based volume is our method of volumetric. Dialing in the coffee via the grinder and utilizing time for volume is a great way to achieve consistency on bar.

Digital display.

A  small 1.3 inch digital display located in front of each brew group provides individual readout of pre-infusion time and full pressure brewing as well as the brew group temperature.

Dry Steam

We utilize a condensate removal system that keep the steam at the steam wands ready to go. Very little condensation will be purged from the wands before steaming.

Milk Jug Rinser

A built in milk jug rinser with spin jet makes workflow a breeze. Stainless steel actuator plate is durable and easy to clean.

Button Actuation

Low voltage waterproof buttons are utilized to actuate all functions.

Custom Steam Tips

We designed our own steam tips to help create a better milk steaming experience for both new and seasoned baristas. The spin action created by the angle drilled holes allow the center jet add air creating a dense foam texture.


We have created some very special espresso machines and would love to create more. Everything from custom powder coating and metal plating to wood accents and pin striping. Mavam is ready to help create your dream machine.