LaCimbali S-lite


That's SLITE! 

Compact and performant 

In the bustling world of small businesses, every inch of space counts. Every piece of equipment must justify its place. That's why LaCimbali has created the smallest LaCimblai machine ever. Meet S-Lite. It is designed for those needing a compact product without compromising the in-cup coffee quality. S-Lite is perfect for anyone looking for a coffee machine that guarantees quick performance, ease of use, and easy maintenance. 

Features and Functionality 

  • Taste on the big screen  - The S-Lite comes with a 10.1" touchscreen display, making it incredibly user-friendly. The large display ensures that all the necessary information is easily visible and the intuitive interface makes it easy to brew a perfect cup of coffee. 
  • Ready when you are - S-Lite is a Plug & Play machine, which means there is no need for a direct water supply or an expert specialist to set it up. The Plug & Play nature makes the S-Lite the ideal choice for businesses that require a quick and easy solution for any coffee needs. 
  • Stay connected - The S-Lite is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and USB, adding a layer of convenience and connectivity. 
  • Effortless cleaning - The S-Lite features an Automatic Washing System, where you can save time and ensure your machine is always ready to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. \




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