Fetco L4D-15 LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser


The Fetco L4D-15 LUXUS® Thermal dispenser is a medium size 1.5-gallon dispenser that is compatible with all 1.5 gallons brewers designed for coffee service that is in medium-to-large scale operations. 

The dispenser funnel is designed to withstand high temperatures, impact, and acidity. The handle mounted on top of the Thermal Dispenser allows quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. 

The direct access to the brew cap and funnel without removing the lid helps prevent moisture and heat from beverages to escape, keeping beverages hot and fresh

The thermal dispenser is structured with stainless steel lining with the best retention of heat and freshness and flavour. A durable stainless steel exterior helps withstands harsh conditions during daily operations, cleaning, and transporting. 

The L4 series comes with standard features of the digital Freshness Timer® and Volume Indicators.

The Freshness Timer® displays how long the beverage has been held.

Volume Indicator shows how much liquid has been dispensed in 0.25-gallon increments 


  • Height: 23 inches 
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Depth 13.25 inches 
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs

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