Eureka Mignon Silenzio


The Eureka Mignon Silenzio espresso grinder combines some of Eureka grinders’ first-rate features: small footprint, large burrs, an anti-clumping system, and a custom-designed, sound-insulated base with rubber mounts and gaskets that minimize vibration and sound. With its beautiful and clean Italian design, the Silenzio is one of the most nice-looking grinders within the price point.

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Product Features

  • Compact, small footprint
  • Flat, steel grinding burrs (50mm)
  • Near-silent grinding
  • Stepless micrometric adjustment
  • ACE system with Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity
  • Easy to adjust and program
  • Minimal retention espresso grinding
  • Motor: Direct traction, 1350 Rpm, 110V, 210W
  • Dosing: Timed or Manual
  • Bean hopper capacity: 300 gram / 12 ounce
  • Productivity (g/s): 1.2 – 1.6 espresso; 1.7 – 2.3 brew
  • Dimensions: 13.80” H / 4.75” W / 7.10” D
  • Weight: 12.40 lbs.
  • Recommended for espresso, fine drip / pour over
  • Available colour: matte black


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