Ascaso BARISTA T Traditional Espresso Machine

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Technology T, is a state-of-the-art multi-group technology. Engineering developed entirely by Ascaso. It offers great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption) and clean and fresh water in each coffee.

Spec Sheet


T Technology

A cleaner, more stable and sustainable water management.
Integral management of the extraction water temperature. Multi-device system.

We preheat the fresh water we use in each coffee.
Thermodynamic group
With PID control, double heating element and thermal covers. Maximum stability.
SOFTWARE (algorithm Pid)
Maintains thermal stability throughout the system. We do not offer a fixed temperature in each group (like other systems on the market), the temperature is adapted to the working conditions (high frequency of services or widely spaced)


Multi-group (separate) technology with PID control
High professional-grade performance: Thermal stability guaranteed (in continuous or intermittent use). High steam production (separate, high-volume boiler).
Clean coffee
Minimal metal migration to the beverage through the use of stainless steel.

Complies with European regulation EN 16889

Freshly Delivered Water
Avoiding the use of standing, constantly reheated water to make the coffee. The water for each coffee comes directly from the mains supply, taking fresh, filtered water to the group. Without affecting the water's oxygen and improving the coffee's taste.
Energy efficiency
One of the T technology’s key goals was to reduce the machine’s energy consumption. We deliver a 50% average saving compared with a traditional machine and 25% compared with other multiboiler machines.

PID Control

(PID) (Proportional Integral Derivative)
Easy and optimal temperature regulation lets you select the appropriate extraction process for each coffee, producing excellent results.

Our system offers a precision of 0.5ºC which considerably reduces any heat fluctuations within the coffee group.

The barista simply has to select the desired temperature and Barista T will do the rest.

To do so, Barista T has triple temperature control:

1. Dynamic pre-heating/temperature control of the water entering the coffee group.

Control of the temperature of each coffee group (PID).
Each group is completely independent and easy to control by the general or individual display (precision of 0.1ºC).

Control of the steam boiler/water temperature (PID)

Energy efficiency

Energy & Efficient

  • We guarantee a saving 50% compared to a single boiler traditional coffee machine.
  • Use of electronically controlled thermoblocks focused on conserving energy by heating the extraction water only.
  • Electronic temperature management. The heating element only operates when necessary and only for as long as required. It allows ‘smart’ control, with a much lower energy consumption than other systems on the market.
  • PID Control in all the coffee boilers and the steam boiler. Featuring electronic thermostats that are much more precise and act much faster than the traditional mechanical pressure gauge system.
  • The Multi-Group System means that power is only used by the part of the machine in use at any time. Each group can be turned off or on independently.
  • Thermal lagging made from high-tech material for coffee and steam boilers. Notably increases the quality of the coffee machine and the energy-efficient.

Main featuresMulti Group technology (on/off by group).

Professional Thermodynamic Groups.

  • Independent steam boiler. Stainless steel Aisi 316. Extremely sturdy. Large capacity.
  • Independent and regulable electronic temperature control for each group.
  • External Pid control ( 0,1ºC) for each group and steam boiler.
  • External timer for each group.
  • Digital Display in each group. Multiple functions. Total control.
  • Thermal lagging on steam boiler and groups.
  • Thermal stability (+/- 0.5ºC).
  • Dynamic preheating (coffee groups).
  • Energy efficient (-50%).
  • High performance volumetric pump. Constant pressure even after a prolonged and simultaneous use of more groups
  • Powerful steamer (10 mm anti-lime scale tube. Stainless Steel. Cool touch).
  • High-precision filters in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Active cup warmer. (Plus model)
  • Designed for baristas: joystick steam controls, LED in work area, 5 volume selections, Pid controls…
  • Different colours and customization options.


High-quality materials and components
Manufactured in stainless steel for maximum sturdiness. These materials ensure our coffee machines have a longer useful life.

Ergonomic filter holder handle
(Wood handle in T-Plus)

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it has a strong yet pleasant feel. It is tilted 10º for ease of use, while the horizontal placement of the filter holder in the delivery group ensures perfectly pressed coffee grounds.

Learn more about filter holder

Steam joystick (T-Plus)
The stick facilitates use and improves control. A smooth, intuitive ‘natural’ movement makes it easy to use and control.
Steam/water knobs
Over-sized, innovative shape with a pleasant feel. Non-slip grip.
Steam and water wands
Made from AISI 316 stainless steel. The steam wand is anti-lime scale and remains cool to the touch, reducing the risk of contact burns.
Milk build-up is reduced to a minimum, making for easy cleaning.

Steam outlets. Special design. The rounded edges, the smooth lines and four tangential outlets all mean creamy coffee every time. 4 outlets 1,2mm (1,6 optional)
Powerful professional steam
Emulsifies the milk to the ideal point for perfect cappuccinos. Our large-capacity boilers, with their incredible thickness, offer greater steam production stability.

Cup warmer
The large surface area keeps the cup at the ideal temperature for a perfect coffee.
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Wire tray
Easy to clean with thin wire tray so as not to dirty the bottoms of the cups.
Stainless steel. Easily removed for cleaning.
Back-lit button pad

High-precision dual pressure gauge
Double reading gauge. It allows to control at the same time the boiler pressure and the pump pressure.
Work area light

Look at the light!


Back light

Customization options. Send us your design!!!


Easy access
Easy to dismantle. Designed for and by technicians.
Easy access to internal valves, pipes, solenoid valves, heating elements, pump regulators, etc.