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Hello, Baby T

The Ascaso Baby T Plus represents the ultimate coffee machine experience in the Ascaso catalog. The compact and modern style will become the centerpiece of any cafe, food truck, hospitality space, office space, or home kitchen.

The versatile and professional Baby T Plus elevates the art of specialty coffee to the next level. Born from the commercial Barista T Plus, the new Baby T Plus utilizes the same technology and features in a compact footprint (35cm/14in).

A 100% professional machine with multi-group T Technology, total PID control (coffee and steam), exceptional thermal stability and advanced energy efficient. A new concept, a new technology, adapted to a new reality to make professional espressos and cappuccinos anywhere, and especially, at home.


  • All Baby T Plus are now ETL certified and equipped with NEMA 5-20P (20amp Plug) to comply with Canadian standards


Features and Functionality

  • Thermal Stability System. The filtered and clean water enter the machine through the rotary pump at a certain pressure, and it comes out hot without touching or altering the water in the water boiler.  And all this without constantly reheating the water or having saturated groups of water.
  • Energy Efficiency. The heating element only operates when necessary and only for as long as required, which allows for "smart" control with a much lower energy consumption, a saving of 50%, compared to a single boiler traditional machine.
  • Multi-Group Technology. Power is only used by the part of the machine in use at any time. Each group can be turned off or on independently.
  • PID Control. Featuring electronic thermostats that are much more precise and act much faster than traditional mechanical pressure gauge system.

Machine Specifications

 Dimensions 14"W x 18"H x 17"D
Boiler 1200W 50-60Hz
Coffee Group 1000W
Weight 77 lbs.
Steam Boiler Capacity 2.5 litres
Steam Wand 1
Water with Solenoid 1
Pump/Boiler Pressure Double Gauge Yes
Filter Holder (1 Coffee/2 Coffees) 1/1
Electronic Auto Level Yes
Boiler Drain Valve Yes
Empty Valve/Safety Valve Yes
Volumetric Dosing Yes
Barista Lights Yes
Heating Element in Stainless Yes
Thermal Stability Yes (+/- 1.5ºC Zero, +/- 0.5ºC Plus)
Coffee Temperature PID Control  Yes (0.1ºC Precision)
Steam Temperature PID Control  Yes (1ºC Precision)
Digital Multi-Function Display Yes
App. Remote Total Control Yes
Dose Volumetric Control Yes (5 Selections)
Control by App (iOS & Android) Yes
Pre-Infusion 100% adjustable (0.1s precision)
Wood Accessories Yes
Chromed Feet Yes
Dynamic Pre-Heating Yes
Rotary Pump/Motor (200L) Yes
Steam Boiler Insulation Yes
Active Cup Warmer Yes
Cup Rail Yes
Water Tank (2L) and Net Connection Yes

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