Conti X-One TCi

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Professional performance for the best coffee

The Conti X-One combines high capacity with ultimate control for the best espresso every time. No compromise is made for the best extraction of coffee with the thermosyphon system with adjustable flow control on each group head to ensure temperature stability for coffee extractions.

The LED display provides all information for general control of the coffee machine: settings information to allow coffee quality monitoring, management and maintenance. The LED "Barista Lights" lets the barista to see the perfect extraction and helps the barista to work cleaner and be more efficient.

The X-One is the ideal espresso machine for a high volume operations that refuses to compromise on quality.

Features and Functionality

  • Available in 2 and 3 Group, Tall Cup (160mm/6.30in).
  • Stable group temperature to within +/- 1.5°C tolerance.
  • PID enables barista to adjust boiler to find the "sweet spot" for the chosen coffee.
  • Flow control helps avoid coffee water sitting within the group going stale and overheating.
  • LED "Barista Lights" lets barista see the perfect extraction and helps the barista to work cleaner and be more efficient.
  • TCI System allows individual group temperatures to be adjusted, by way of cold water injection into the group this achieves consistency and extreme stability.
  • TCI system allows users to increase main steam boiler temperature to increase steam volume and hourly output.
  • Lever activated steam arms spring loaded "Purge" function ensures steam arm stays free from milk build up.
  • Shot timers to monitor consistency and espresso quality.
  • Advanced diagnostic system "Eye-level" display assist in diagnosis, service, filter change intervals, shot timers and boiler temperature.
  • Dual hot water buttons to offer to pre-set levels of hot water, e.g., one can be set to "top up" an Americano and the other can be set as a splash of heat to espresso cups before serving.
  • Group head temperature stability within +/- 1°C.
  • Variable pre-infusion allows user to vary the pre-infusion time, ensures optimum espresso extraction.
  • Auto GRP cleaning function makes cleaning simple, no more excuses.
  • Cleaning "Shut Down" if the machine is not cleaned, it will not work.
  • Eco mode drops boiler temperature to 60°C when not in use, reducing power consumption and saving money.
  • Available in Red or Black.

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