Conti X-One TCI

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Combining high capacity with ultimate control for the best espresso every time. The ideal machine for a high volume environment that refuses to compromise on quality.


Product Features

  • Stable Group Temperature. To within +/- 1.5°C tolerance.
  • PID. Enables user to adjust boiler to find the "sweet spot" for the chosen coffee.
  • Flow Control. Helps avoid coffee water sitting within the group going stale and overheating.
  • LED "Barista Lights"Lets you see the perfect extraction and helps the barista to work cleaner and be more efficient.
  • TCI System. Allows individual group temperatures to be adjusted, by way of cold water injection into the group this achieves consistency and extreme stability.
  • Capacity. TCI system allows users to increase main steam boiler temperature to increase steam volume and hourly output.
  • Lever Activated Steam Arms. Spring loaded "Purge" function ensures steam arm stays free from milk build up.
  • Shot TimersTo monitor consistency and espresso quality.
  • Advanced Diagnostic System. "Eye-level" display assist in diagnosis, service, filter change intervals, shot timers and boiler temperature.
  • Dual Hot Water. Buttons to offer to pre-set levels of hot water, e.g., one can be set to "top up" an Americano and the other can be set as a splash of heat to espresso cups before serving.
  • Group Head Temperature StabilityWithin +/- 1°C.
  • Variable Pre-Infusion. Allows user to vary the pre-infusion time, ensures optimum espresso extraction.
  • Auto GRP Cleaning Function. Makes cleaning simple, no more excuses.
  • Cleaning "Shut Down". If the machine is not cleaned, it will not work.
  • Eco Mode. Drops boiler temperature to 60°C when not in use, reducing power consumption and saving money.
  • Colour Choice. Available in Flame Red or Black.