Conti CC100

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The CC100 features exception build quality, consistent espresso extraction, compact size, and incredible value for money.


  • Configuration. Available in 1, 2, and 3 Group.
  • Attractive Design. Full stainless steel construction, side panels available in black or red.
  • PID Temperature Control. Allows user to adjust water temperature to perfectly complement their coffee.
  • Great Temperature Stability. Through thermal siphon system - utilizes fresh water for each shot.
  • Pre-Infusion. Ensures consistent extraction and help "smooth out" error during dosing and tamping.
  • Auto GRP Cleaning. Functions to ensure perfect performance.
  • Eco Mode. Drops boiler temperature to 60°C when not in use, reducing power consumption and saving money.
  • Display. Assist in diagnosis, service, and filter change intervals.
  • Pod and Capsule. Adaptors available.