Ascaso Big Dream T


From E-61 and saturated group technology to T Technology

A reappraisal of tradition. Sustainable engineering. 

Multi-group technology. Full PID control with rotary pump. Offers great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption). Clean and fresh water with each coffee. 

Product Features:

  • Multi-Group Technology (on/off group). Professional Thermodynamic Groups 
  • Independent steam boiler. Stainless steel AISI 316. Extremely sturdy. Large capacity. 
  • External PID control. +0.1°C for each group and steam boiler 
  • External timer for each group 
  • Digital Display in each group. Multiple functions. Total control.
  • Programming includes USB to download and upload programs 
  • Thermal lagging on steam boilers and groups.
  • Thermal stability +/- 0.5°C
  • Dynamic pre-heating coffee groups 
  • Energy efficient -50% 
  • High-performance volumetric pump. Constant pressure even after prolonged and simultaneous use of groups 
  • Powerful steam wand. 10mm anti-limescale tube, stainless steel, cool touch 
  • High-precision filters. AISI 304 stainless steel 
  • Designed for baristas. Joystick steam controls, LED work area, 5 volumes selections, and PID controls 
  • General Display (touch-screen)
  • Double dose /selection hot water, stainless steel double walled steam wand Ø 12mm. competition showers, silicone filter holder gasket. Coffee tamper made with walnut wood and stainless steel

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