Ascaso Dream PID

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The Ascaso Dream PID is the most emblematic professional home coffee machine with its daring retro aesthetic silhouette that will complement any kitchen and become a highlight of your home or office. The Dream PID offers totally professional performance with Ø60mm filter holder, adjustable overpressure valve, improved no-burn steam wand, and thermoblock insulation. The Dream's new PID also includes advanced features like temperature and offset control, pre-infusion, power-saving modes, and single or double shot programming. A dream machine!

Product Features of Dream Espresso Machine

  • Electronic PID Coffee Group Temperature Control. Get just the right shots every time by programming your PID controller. Features offset programming to calibrate temperature to account for drops in the system on the way to your cup, adjustable to one-degree increments.
  • Adjustable OPV. Located outside to easily adjust overpressure valve.
  • Programming. Packed with programming for power saving, pre-infusion, and ability to program two shot lengths.
  • Pressure Gauge. Swapped its analog temperature gauge to monitor pressure instead.
  • Thermoblock Thermal Cover. Significantly reduces energy consumption and increases thermal stability in the group.
  • Cup Warmer. Cutting-edge electric cup warmer.
  • Portafilters. Ø60mm professional group.
  • Water Tank Light. Makes it easier to see the water level and improves the look of the coffee machine.
  • Accessories. Stainless steel tamper, multiple basket types, blind basket, and wood handles and knobs.


Dimensions 9.65"W x 13.60"H x 11"D (13.5" with portafilter)
Power 1100W / 120V
Water Tank/Reservoir 1.3 litres
Water Level Window Yes
Body Aluminum
Boiler Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum
Boiler Design Thermoblock
Weight 22 lbs.
Programming PID, Pre-Infusion, Shot Times
Cup Clearance 3"
Steam Wand Stainless Steel, 360º, Heat Resistant
Filter Holder Stainless Steel ø60mm
Pod Friendly Yes (without adaptation)
Pump Pressure Regulated by OPV
Coffee Thermostat Adjustable by PID
Steam Thermostat Regulated by PID
Manometer Yes
Overpressure (OPV) Control Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
PID Control Yes
Volumetric Control Yes
Group Thermal Cover Yes
Pre-Infusion Yes
Water Tank Light Yes
Auto Shut Off
Auto On No

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