When it's time to reopen your business and restart the espresso machine, are you ready? A few questions to keep in mind:

  1. Was the espresso machine shut down properly?
  2. Water has been sitting inside the water filter/softener. How old is the water filter?
  3. Is it time to replace the water filter?
  4. Have you checked hoses, valves to the machines for any leaks?
  5. Do you have a start-up procedure or checklist to restart the equipment?
  6. Or, are you considering refurbishing your beverage equipment?

How to Restart Your Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Back into Operation

  1. Connect the espresso machine to the power supply.
  2. Open the water supply for the espresso machine with water connection.*
  3. Turn on the espresso machine at the main switch.
  4. Perform a full cleaning cycle.
  5. Fill the bean hopper (and powder hopper and the milk container, if applicable).
If the espresso machine has not been decommissioned according to the User Manual,  we recommend to have the recommissioning carried out by a service technician.

*Recommendation: For espresso machines with water connection, flush the preconnected water filter with approximately 10 liters of water. (This is enough for further operation of the filter. It is recommended to replace the water filter if it has been in use for more than 6 months. This will eliminate all possible risks).

Safety Recommendations
To contain the Corona virus, we recommend regularly disinfecting the control panel, the front door, as well as the coffee spout of your espresso machine.

Please only use commercial disinfectants for hands. Do not use any disinfectants designed for sanitary facilities  or similar purposes!

Method of Use
1. Spray a little disinfectant on a soft, damp cloth.
2. Carefully wipe the control panel, the front door and the coffee spout with the cloth.
3. Never spray any liquid directly onto the display to avoid damage.

By having answers to these questions, you have taken measures to prevent any down time during your peak time.

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