Barista T Plus

Today’s professional baristas demands innovative products without compromising the quality of an espresso. 
At Ascaso, their team of engineers spent years working to differentiate and perfect their espresso machines which led them to reappraise their approach to tradition and focus on sustainable engineering - with innovation, improved energy efficiency and easier to use.

A new product that would mark a turning point in the industry - Technology T is a state-of-the-art multi-group technology developed by Ascaso.


  • Multi-group technology with complete PID control. Thermal stability guaranteed in continuous or intermittent use.
  • Clean coffee. Minimal metal migration to the espresso through the use of stainless steel.
  • Freshly delivered water. For each espresso drink, it takes fresh, filtered water to the group head without affecting the water's oxygen and improving the espresso taste.
Energy efficiency. Delivers a 50% average savings compared with a traditional machine and 25% compared with other multi-boiler machines.

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