Ugolini NG Electronic


A new entry in Ugolini New Generation’s products: very simple to use, assuring at the same time the best reliability with a smart and unique  design.

This series combines the advantages of the secure and efficient “traditional” technology of the MT line with the aesthetic and functional innovations of the NG line.

Extremely compact, it allows the preparation of slushies, sherbets, cold creams and cocktails to satisfy all customers all year long.

It’s available in two configurations, with bowls of 10 or 6 litre capacity, both compatible with the innovative “Recover Energy” to improve energy saving. Variable speeds, brushless motor for better performance and lower consumption, easy to empty with inclined tank, fully efficient condensation water collection system.

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Features & Benefits

  • Patented tank locking system for easier and safer attachment
  • Unbreakable non-toxic polycarbonate tank
  • Hermetic compressor
  • Absence of gaskets and "passing" transmission parts thanks to the Ugolini patented and tested magnetic transmission
  • Variable speed brushless motor for reliability and reduced consumption
  • Motor protector
  • Simple and intuitive control keyboard
  • Removable panel for condenser cleaning
  • Noise level below 70 dB (A)
  • 115V, 60 Hz

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