Nitro-Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

Perfect for summer, the Nitro Cold Brew System is a ready-to-use dispenser which nitrogenises and dispenses cold brew coffee without the need for additional tanks. This patented delivery system filters nitrogen from atmospheric air and adds it to your batch of cold brew under high pressure to create a smooth, creamy, ice-cold nitro brew!

The system draws the cold brew coffee from a separate container through a tube, cools it within the dispenser's cooling block, injects it with filtered and compressed air, blends the nitrogen gas and the cold brew liquid together, and dispenses the nitrogenised cold brew.

Just like a beer, all you need to do is to place your glass underneath the nozzle and pull the handle down to dispense a creamy, smooth-tasting nitro brew coffee!


- No need for bulky nitrogen tanks
- Slimline design to fit neatly on your bench
- Ready to use in a few minutes
- Draws from any container of cold brew coffee
- Adjustable gas levels
- Adjustable temperature control
- Low service and maintenance requirements
- Easy to use, move, and clean

Technical Specifications:

- Power Supply: 230V/50Hz
- Stainless Steel unit
- Dimensions: 40.5cm (D) x 32.5cm (H) x 17cm (W) plus 14.5cm (D) for the drip tray and 19cm (H) for the handle
- Weight: 18.5kg
- Flow rate: either 0.6L/min or 1.2L/min (choice of flow rate disc)
- Maximum cooling power: 5C (+/- 1C)
- Liquid volume in dispenser: 500ml
- Power cord: 1.5m length
- Hose: 1.5m length
- Made in Germany

Product Video

Cleaning Video

The Nitro-Dispenser can be used as a table top stand alone device or as an undercounter dispenser in combination with a dispense tower. For installations in refrigerated counters or walk-in-coolers it is possible to use only the Nitro-Box
(pump and
nitrogen dosing unit) and the stout tap.



  • No nitrogen bottle supply needed, because the device uses the atmospheric nitrogen. Pure bottled nitrogen can be used if 
  • Flowrate: 0.6 l/min (upto 1.2 l/min expandable) 
  • Coffee temperature at tap: 5° C ( +/- 1 ° C)
  • Correlation between cooling and dispensing performance
        erforderliche Kaffee Kühlleistung
        10°C dT (15°C -> 5°C)
        20°C dT (25°C -> 5°C)
        30°C dT (35°C -> 5°C)
max flowrate l/h
25,0 l/h
12,5 l/h
8,3 l/h
  • Liquid volume in the device: 500 ml
  • In case of non-stop dispense, the cooling power is 7° C between input and output temperature after the device volume has been emptied (0.5 l).
  • Device is available as a 230V/50Hz and a 115V/60Hz version
  • Electrical power: 334 W
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Dimensions: 
    width 17 cm
    depth 56 cm (incl. drip pan)
    height 51.5 cm (incl. tap handle) 
  • Weight: 17.3 kg

Your advantages:

  • Device is ready for use in 2 minutes
  • Perfect tap result from the first glass
  • Easy to implement customized look (magnetic sheet)
  • Can also be used as an under-counter version
  • Low service and maintenance requirements
  • Easy cleaning (Thonhauser powder)

The dispenser must be cleaned chemically every 14 days. Standard cleaning agents suitable for coffee can be used. We recommend the cleaning powder: "DESANA MAX CL" by the company Thonhauser because it is simple to handle and removes potential biofilm reliable. The color indicator provides information on the cleaning result to the operator.

Since the cold-brew dispenser is a modified dispensing system, we recommend the owners to document the cleaning operations in a log book - in case that a cleaning proof is demanded by the food inspection.

Chemical cleaning procedure


Step Description Image
1 Disconnect the coffee and if the clean-click valve system is used, attach the cleaning adapter, on the connector to open the valve.
2 Unscrewing the spout nozzle at the tap. Switch off the cooling by turning the thermostat button to “0” at the front side.

Prepare the cleaning solution with lukewarm water according to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging and insert the suction hose.

4 Start the tapping process until brown yellow/green cleaning solution comes out of the tap. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then tap until the solution color turns into "purple". The color indicator provides information on the cleanliness of the pipe. "Purple" indicates that the system is clean.
5 Once the system is clean, rinse with fresh water.


Rinse the unscrewed spout and brush if necessary.

Check the filter strainers in the suction pipe from time to time because coffee grounds can be deposited here. Rinse if necessary.

The double-strainer adapter includes two filter strainers and the bag connector includes one filter strainer.

Reassemble dismantled parts carefully, assemble the suction pipe and screw the spout nozzle back onto the tap.

7 Switch on the cooling by turning the thermostat button to “5” at the front side.

Connect the coffee container again and open the tap unit frothy coffee comes out.

Sample the product if quality is ok.


 Product Data Sheet

Cleaning Data Sheet

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