Matfer Bourgeat Catalog

Matfer Bourgeat Catalog

Matfer Bourgeat is a French Industrial Group which is fully family owned. Over the past two centuries, the Group has become the industry leader in professional kitchens and laboratories around the world. Matfer Bourgeat Inc., the American subsidiary for the Group, has now been serving America’s foodservice industry for 25 years.

Matfer Bourgeat is customer-focused, meeting the needs of food trade, conventional and luxury hotels, expert kitchens, fine dining and catering services.

The Group sets the international standard in the pastry, bakery and restaurant industries. It is among a handful of suppliers worldwide that are able to provide a complete range of kitchen utensils and equipment for any foodservice establishment.



Superior Customer Service is the Group’s number one goal. Quality and service are commitments through all processes of design, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and maximum safety requirements. We are dedicated to creating the most durable and hygienic products, like our famous EXOGLASS® composite material.


Matfer Bourgeat launches 1,000 new products each year focusing on ergonomics, functionality and design to comply with customer and market needs. Manufacturing processes meet unique projects for every customer through consulting, product supply, demand matching, project management, supply chain and delivery anywhere in the world. Each year 100% of Matfer Bourgeat’s profits are reinvested into product innovation.


Matfer Bourgeat’s vision is based on an economic approach rather than a financial one. Team stability is a key component, along with the respect, trust, and solidarity between the Group’s 1,000 employees.


An ongoing objective is sustainable growth, which means maintaining quality while continuing to protect health and the environment. All of Matfer Bourgeat’s industrial sites are either ISO 14001 certified (permanent reduction of environmental impacts) or in the process of certification. Responsible programs have been developed to reduce sound pollution, greenhouse gases and water waste The Group’s carbon footprint is considered during all decision making.


 The Group’s Eurochef network specializes in supplying kitchen equipment for up-scale hotels, exporting French quality into more than 80 countries. As a hotel opening specialist we can help you define what products you will need based on your facility. We remain involved from start to finish at each opening and will go as far as providing a professional from our staff to receive and check merchandise upon delivery.


After a successful 200 years the Matfer Bourgeat Group and America’s Matfer Bourgeat Inc. has its sights clearly set on the future. In a changing fast-paced market, customers will always be supported by anticipating quality and product innovations of tomorrow.


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