Lotus Lemonade Concentrate (No Caffeine) 1/2 Gallon Pump & Serve


Lotus Old Fashioned Lemonade

The best Lemonade you have ever tasted from the highest quality lemonade concentrate on the market! Made simply - real lemons with pulp, lotus flowers, and pure cane sugar.

Expand Your Menu Appeal

Customers can personalize Lotus Energy Lemonade with their favorite fruit flavors, Lotus Energy Drinks or Lotus Energy Tea. Use Lotus Fruit Fusions to create innovative drinks that command premium pricing.

Product Facts

  • 1 jug = 1/2 gallon / 64oz / 1.89L
  • 1 + 5 mix (1 part concentrate + 5 parts water)
  • Each jug creates 3 gallon finished product
  • Pump not included, sold separately if needed