HLF 5700


The Perfect Companion when speed and strength become a "must"

The HLF 5700 is the latest addition to the HLF super-automatic line, which combines the speed of delivery with the quality of Italian espresso. It is capable of delivering American coffee. 

Perfect for high volume locations, the HLF 5700 is capable of delivering an American coffee (200ml) in 7 seconds. 

The implemented technology allows to create a considerable variety of drinks and thanks to the cold module, the HLF 5700 can also deliver cold-brewed coffee with the "nitro" effect in a few seconds. The large touch screen (15 inches IPS) offers a unique interactive experience that guides the user through multiple selections with extreme simplicity and intuition. 

The external completion modules allow the HLF 5700 to be installed in any environment, offering maximum flexibility and the right compromise between bulk and performance.