Fetco Multi-Dispenser Conversion Kit TBS-2121XTS

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Multi-Dispenser Conversion Kit TBS-2121XTS

The #Z071 conversion kit allows you to take advantage of the full range of brewing and serving capabilities of the TBS-2121-XTS tea brewer with multi-dispensing solutions for iced tea, hot tea, hot coffee and iced coffee.

The adjustable height tray is constructed of durable stainless steel and easily supports a full one-gallon L3S-10 LUXUS Server or 3L or 1G Airpot. It features a stamped guide on each shelf arm that indicates the proper dispenser height. It only takes seconds to install and folds back completely against brewer when not in use. NOTE: The shelf is not compatible with non-XTS tea brewers produced prior to September 2014.

The Polymeric Brew Basket is for dedicated coffee brewing and is essential to help control cross-contamination of flavors when switching between teas and coffees. It is constructed of light-weight, durable and heat resistant plastic that resists stains and odors. For convenience, a brown colored insert tab is built-in to the top of the handle for quick ID. The brew basket comes with several removable orifice sizes to help craft your brew for the perfect recipe.

The shelf is adaptable to support several FETCO dispenser sizes - 3L airpot, 1G airpot and 1.0 LUXUS servers. An additional configuration can be made by placing the shelf in the "up" position and using an optional flat dispenser base so can accept the LUXUS L3D-10 Dispenser.

The conversion kit, dispenser base and LUXUS dispensers are all sold separately.

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