Fetco L4S-10

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This 1.0 gallon size LUXUS® Thermal Server is a stylish self-serve option for hotel lobbies, break rooms, office coffee service, C-Stores and anywhere cups per hour volume is light or counter top space is limited.

Standard features of the innovative L4 series include the digital Freshness Timer® and Volume Indicator. The Freshness Timer® digitally displays how long the beverage has been held with a series of clock like icons that fill in over time. The Volume Indicator shows how much liquid has been dispensed in .25 gallon increments with a “V” shape that gradually disappears. These features are critical for the operator monitoring liquid levels and maintaining uninterrupted beverage service.

The interior construction features a high-quality stainless-steel vacuum liner with superior insulative properties for optimum retention of heat, freshness and flavor. The durable stainless steel outer body construction is attractive yet withstands harsh conditions associated with daily use, cleaning, handling and transportation.

The generous built-in carry handle assures safe and comfortable transportation to any location. A see through faucet guard (not shown) helps prevent cross-contamination by keeping container openings away from the spout.

For proper dispensing, the L3S-10 must be used with a serving station stand. Single, double, triple and quadruple serving stations are available so you can customize your hot beverage presentation with multiple flavor offerings. (serving stations sold separately)

 L4S-10 Thermal Server Product Guide

 L4S-10 Thermal Server User Guide

Most compatible for direct brewing with CBS-2030 series brewers.  Also compatible with CBS-2040 series brewers however serving station stand must be used. (sold separately)

Serve it Up!
1.0 gallon size is a stylish self serve option for hotel lobbies, break rooms, office coffee service or in C-Stores where counter top space is limited.
Keeping' it Fresh

Standard features such as the digital Freshness Timer® and Volume Indicator help you monitor liquid levels and ensure continuous beverage service.


This portable dispenser works with a single, double, triple or quadruple serving stations (sold separately) so you can customize your hot beverage display.