Fetco IP44 CBS-52H-20

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FETCO® Maritime Series equipment is specially designed for maritime use. IP44 certified compliant coffee brewing equipment is perfect for front-of-house or back-of-house applications on cruise ships.

The twin 2.0 gallon IP44 CBS-52H-20 coffee brewer comes with three phase electrical configuration, step down transformer, maritime package, 304 stainless steel, half batch function and brew basket clips.

Model # Power Option
C53206MIP  IP44-52H-20 (Dual Station), 3 x 4.0 kW, 380-400V
C53216MIP  IP44-52H-20 (Dual Station), 2 x 3.0 kW, 220-240V
C53226MIP  IP44-52H-20 (Dual Station), 3 x 4.0 kW, 440-480V
C53236MIP IP44-52H-20 (Dual Station), 3 x 2.0 kW, 440-480V
C53256MIP IP44-52H-20 (Dual Station), 3 x 2.0 kW, 380-400V


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