FETCO INNOTHERM™ Luxus® Thermal Dispensers & Servers

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Quick-Glance Status 

Freshness Timer & Volume Indicator displays how long the coffee has been holding and how much coffee is left in the dispenser

Accu-Time & Temp

Digitally programmable holding time and temperature. Select from 3 Holding Times – 4, 8 or 24 hours and 4 Holding Temperatures -- 170°F, 176°F, 182°F or 188°F

No-glare green and red LED status lights

Fast Connect

Magnetic connector makes it easy to connect and disconnect

No Special Brewer Required

 Use FETCO InnoTherm Gentle Heat Dispensers with any coffee brewer.

 Your Choice Of Remote Docking Station Or Not

 Gentle-Heat parameters (holding time and holding temperature) are programmed at the dispenser, not at the brewer eliminating the need for a docking station

 Set It & Forget It Programming

 Use factory settings or easily change holding time and temperature from the front  of the dispenser whenever it is needed.

 Auto Shut-Off when empty

 Time Expiration Warning

 15 minutes before time expires, LED light turns blue to indicate time is about to expire.