Fetco HWD-2105TOD

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This revolutionary 5 gallon hot water dispenser is designed for single-serve dispensing at up to four different temperatures at the touch of a button. You can per-set these temperatures according to your menu.
Whether you’re making oatmeal, soup, tea or another hot beverage, you can instantly get the water temperature you need from a single streamlined unit.
Its contemporary design, digital readout and ability to dispense hot water at multiple temperatures make this unit a must-have in any food-service environment.

Model # Power Option
H210520  HWD-2105TOD, 1 x 2.1 kW, 120V
H210510  HWD-2105TOD ,1 x 1.44 kW, 120V
H210530  HWD-2105TOD, 1 x 3.2 kW, 200-240V