Fetco HWB-15 15 gallon

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The HWB-15 15 gallon hot water dispenser is the ideal size for medium-to-heavy duty food/beverage prep and cleaning tasks.  Set the thermostat at the desired temperature for consistent and precise hot water dispensing for a variety of foods such as gravy, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, cheese sauce, gelatin's & much more.  

The adjustable Controlled Refill feature helps manage recovery time to ensure for a continuous flow of hot water during your operations’ peak service times.   Constructed from durable Stainless Steel, it can handle the rigors of everyday use and is exceptionally easy to clean and sanitize.  The interior top and sides of the unit are fully insulated to maximize heat retention, improve overall energy efficiency and allows for cool outer surface. 
It comes standard with a permanent, protective faucet guard that provides an additional level of sanitation by reducing cross-contamination. A lighted switch illuminates when the unit is powered up and the green "Ready Light" indicator illuminates when hot water is ready to dispense at your per-programmed temperature.

Model # Power Option
H15011  HWB-15, 2 x 3.0 kW, 120/208-240V
H15021  HWB-15, 3 x 3.0 kW, 120/208-240V