Fetco D055 Table Top Server

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D055 Table Top Server

The 1.9L (64oz. / 0.5 gallon) Low Profile Thermal Server is great for holding your hot beverages and keeping them fresh. Dual layer vacuum insulation keeps liquids hot for hours inside while the outer surface of the server stays cool to the touch.

Constructed of brushed stainless steel and rugged ABS plastic, this server is durable, attractive and easy to clean. The low profile shape with comfortable, ergonomic handle allows for precision cup pouring and easy maneuvering around crowded dining tables.

For added efficiency, the brew-through lid allows direct brewing into the server (CBS-2121P Pourover coffee brewer and the CBS-2130XTS series 0.5 gallon brew setting only) and twists tightly closed to seal in the heat when not in use.

Use as an additional level of service with any FETCO coffee or tea brewing system!