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You can’t argue with the facts: soda consumption has been steadily trending downward for more than a decade, and is now at a 30-year low. Fueled by an awareness of sugar’s harmful effects and a thirst for simpler, natural ingredients, big soda is losing its grip on the beverage market. Even behemoths like Coca-Cola and Pepsico are in the midst of massive reinventions as “total beverage companies” instead of mere pop slingers.

In the meantime, consumption of sparkling water has exploded. Sparkling water, carbonated water, fizzy water, bubbly water — whatever you call it — the beverage with the bubbles is driving a 76-percent growth in the water beverage market, more than four times greater than food categories as a whole. Clearly, there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to liquid refreshment.

 And sparkling water machines are becoming a standard, with water machines taking up position in foodservice environments as diverse as school foodservice, casual and upscale restaurants, and businesses — from the c-suites to the corporate dining room. Even home sparkling water machines are surging in popularity!

 It makes sense. Fizzy water drinks provide a healthy alternative to sugary sodas. Also, because sparkling water is something of a blank canvas, it offers adaptability. The effervescence plays well with a wide variety of ingredients, making the possibilities virtually endless.

 For establishments where fountain drinks were once king—restaurants, cafeterias, bars, food courts, and others—there is real opportunity to offer guests something different. Something that they crave.

 It’s easy and cost-effective to use a commercial sparkling water machine to transform ordinary tap water into sparking, filtered water. The Drinkstation is the perfect complement to a multitude of real ingredients, creating delicious, high-margin drinks. Mix the Drinkstation water with fruit, juices, herbs, tea, coffee—let your imagination run wild. Infusing Drinkstation water with natural flavors, sweetening with fruit, and keeping sugar to a minimum helps create tempting beverage for health-minded customers.  Soda had a good run, but there’s a new king on the horizon. 

  •  Unlimited sparkling water so you never have to buy another bottle again
  • Pure and alkaline water that balances your immune system, clears up your skin, and tastes great

  • Hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles saved

The appliance must be connected to your water line. The water is first purified through our special filtration system and then it is either instantly chilled, carbonated, heated, or mineralized to become alkaline. We offer two alternative filtration systems: the “Absolute Purifier” or the simple “Multi-Stage Nano-filtration”. To learn more about the two types of filters offered, click on the TECHNOLOGY tab.


By a mineralization process, like nature intended. We avoid the electrical separation of ions of the incoming water (i.e.: the electrolysis typical of Kangen) because it might, under certain circumstances, create potentially carcinogens substances. Your DRINKSTATION contains an alkaline chamber where your drinking water, after being filtered stripped off of all possible contaminants (by our Absolute Purification process), absorbs healthy minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium) and forms electrolytes before it is dispensed. To learn more, click on the 'TECHNOLOGY' tab here above.

If you have acquired the Absolute Purifier model, we set the alkaline chamber at a pH of 8.5. Should you desire a different level of pH, we can customize it for you at the time of manufacturing it. For the Nano-filtration model instead, since the pH level is affected by the TDS level present in your tap water, the pH cannot be pre-set at factory level: it will depend on your area.