Caffetto Home Milk Frother

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Cafetto eco-friendly formula for cleaning and sanitising automatic milk frothers and milk lines for home use. 

Looking for the perfect sized package to keep your milk lines sanitized and safe?  The Cafetto @home line is the answer.  It's an eco-friendly and organic cleaner and sanitizer especially designed for: De Longhi, Jura, Saeco, milk pitchers and steam wands, milk lines and automatic milk frothers.

Features of the Cafetto @home Milk Frother liquid:

- OMRI listed which means it's certified for organic use

- GMO free

- Biodegradable

- Phosphate free

2 bottles at 120ml each provides EIGHT doses. 

How to use: 

1) Remove any remaining milk from the machine/system.

2) Run the rinse cycle to flush the line with water.

3) Place 4 capfuls 1oz / 30ml or into17.5oz /  500ml of water in a pitcher or other clean container.

4) Flush the entire solution mix through the milk frother system.

5) Rinse the milk pitcher or container with fresh water.  Refill with 34oz / 1 litre of fresh water. 

6) Flush the entire 34oz /  1 litre of water through the milk system to rinse it completely.

7) The milk system is now clean and ready for use.  Also follow the machine manufacturer's instructions for machines with automatic cleaning cycles.  

This video clip provides a good demonstration of how the cleaning process works:

To read the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product, click here.