Blendtec Stealth 895 Nitro Blending System

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Blendtec Stealth 895 Nitro Blending System is an innovative jarless commercial blender, ideal for fast-paced restaurants or cafes that want a seamless experience from cup to customer. The Nitro Blending System includes a sleek enclosure to reduce noise disruption from the high-speed motor. The Nitro Cup System uses Solo Cups rather than the traditional Jar to help minimise drink wastage to 1% and overall increase your profit margin.

Product Features:

  • High-speed, 3.8 horsepower commercial-grade motor. 120V or 220V available. 
  • Sleek sound enclosure to minimise noise disruption.
  • NBS Micronizing System attachment to blend ingredients within seconds.
  • Tactile keypad interface with illuminated OLED display. 
  • One-touch blend cycles: Includes 42 preprogrammed blend cycles, plus 2 for the NBS attachments included.
  • Automatically speeds up, slows down and includes an automatic motor shut off function. 
  • Easy to clean blending station.
  • Includes Adapter Rings to fit different size cups from 12 oz to 32 oz. 
  • Compatible with Blendtec Jars. 
  • Recommended usage of 200+ daily blends. 
  • Available Colour: Black