Ascaso Steel DUO PID



The STEEL range goes one step further and transcends the Home use. It is a semi-professional coffee machine for homes, offices, and even the Hospitality channel.
It was designed in its UNO and DUO versions and it is offered in a robust industrial bodywork that meets the requirements of the expert users. It is manufactured with the highest quality materials and minimum use of plastic. The standard version is equipped with a Ø58mm filter holder and electronic temperature control


Features and Functionality

  • 100% Metal Body
  • External Thermometer
  • Removable water tank with a visible water level
  • Powerful steam / hot water 
  • Easy cleaning 

Technical Data 

Dimensions  10.63"W x 14.20"H x 12.40"D
Power  2100W
Weight 33 lbs.
Water Capacity 2 liters
Body Metal
Independent coffee/steam groups
Pump Pressure   Regulable by OPV
Coffee Thermostat Regulable by PID
Steam Thermostat  Regulable by PID
Manometer  Yes
OPV Pressure Control Yes
Active Cup Warmer  Yes
PID Control  Yes
Volumetric Control Yes
Group Thermal Cover Yes
Wood Handles  Yes