Vitrofrigo FG10 SERIES

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FG10 DGT series are equipped with a digital thermostat, which, combined with the stainless steel sensor, allows to get an exact milk temperature

The capacitive milk level sensor is able to detect the milk presence inside the milk box and send an alert signal to the digital thermostat.

On request, it's also possible to provide the "empty signal" directly to the electronic thermostat of the fridge.

The FG10i DGT Chill & Cup Warmer is also equipped with a stainless steel top "cup  warmer" shelf  for  17+17 units.


On request, the models from the FG series can be made in a version without casing and with an external refrigerating unit.



Thanks   to   the   know   how   from   regular collaboration with the major European brands of espresso machines manufacturers, Vitrofrigo is available to develop new products, well aware that it is a partner technologically on the cutting edge.