Eureka and Conti family: a three generations knowing history.

Eureka was born in 1920 when Aurelio Conti, in a small engineering workshop in the surrounding area of Florence, started the production of electrical milk-shakers which were characterised by high quality standards and the elegance of that olden times.

Soon after the war, the Eureka trademark was to be seen on Coffee Grinders, multi-purpose groups, mixers, meat mincers, and citrus squeezers. The innovative design, our loving care for details, along with the reliabilty of our products, are the keys to Eureka’s success which Valerio Conti passed on to us.

Today, the brand Eureka is directed by Filippo Conti which continues the nearly 90 years of work, passion, and tradition by focusing on research and innovation. The outcome of this long-standing history is the diffusion in over 52 countries of Eureka Coffee Grinders. Today, Eureka is an international reference brand for professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Eureka is a leading company in the designing and manufacturing of Coffee Grinders with elegant desing and innovative technology. Without altgering the long-standing reliability of each product, Eureka aims at being the reference company for innovation in the Coffee Grinder industry. Eureka provides a wide range of professional Coffee Grinders for any type of coffee which meets the clients’ productivity and budgetary needs.
The certifications awarded allow Eureka to operate throughout the world and to ensure compliance with local standards and regulations as well as providing customers with reliable, beautiful, easy-to-use “made in Florence” products. We aim at providing the best grinding in order to bring out the aroma of coffees from Italy and from the world alike. Italian technology and design, and a passion for coffee: this is Eureka! Since 1920.


E  is the letter which characterises the brand.


Eureka takes care of its Coffee Grinders down to the smallest details. From designing to packaging, from manufacturing to marketing, nothing is left to chance. Still today any Eureka coffee grinder is “hand assembled” in our venue at Florence, Italy.


The Eureka grinder’s design  is classical and innovative at the same time. This allows our Coffee Grinders to be matched with any espresso machines in a  cozy coffee-shops or at a  gourmet restaurant.


Eureka’s long standing tradition ensures that our Coffee Grinders are reliable, robust, beautiful, as well as innovative and uniques. See our  Mythos!


is our favourite drink. We have thought the best solutions to guarantee you the most attractive results in cup!

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