Why You Should Love Opening a Restaurant

Opening a Restaurant

Are you making a list weighing the pros and cons of running a restaurant against each other? It’s a smart thing to do, but we couldn’t help but notice that most of the things you’re focused on are money, time commitment, and stress levels. There is so much more to running a restaurant that goes deeper than common business dealings, and those reasons are more important than anything else you’ve got on there. Here are a few of them.

Here’s what we think about opening a restaurant

It’s Not Your Average 9-5

Sometimes it will be a 6-10, but it’s different than sitting in an office. When you get to your restaurant, you’ll have a table you set aside for yourself to sit in and relax when things get slow, and you’ll eat your own food when you get hungry (which will also tell you if what you’re serving is actually any good). And when it speeds up you’ll be on your feet instead of behind a desk. You’ll be in a room full of equally energetic people working together in a truly bonding and stimulating environment. It’s a specific experience you’re not likely to get from almost any other job out there.

You Meet A LOT of New People

If you’re opening up your own restaurant, people will want to get to know you. People who eat your food will like to see your face and shake hands, especially if it’s a smaller town and everyone bumps into one another out in public from time to time. Many friendships are formed between the restaurant owner and the customers, especially when you get yourself some regulars. Regulars come to restaurants for more than just food, and there’s a reason why every sitcom ever has had a famous restaurant/bar/café hangout—food brings people together.

Most Importantly: It’s Fun and It’s Yours

High stress? Yes. Will you get angry? Yes. Will you get rich overnight? Probably not. Is it a lot of work? There will be many, many late nights. Well, these are just about the last answers you want to hear when looking to start a job. But you know what, opening a restaurant isn’t a job: it’s a lifestyle, and it’s an exciting one, too! The reason why opening a restaurant is so fun, even though it comes with stress and problems, is because it is YOUR restaurant. You decide how to run it, who to hire, what food to serve, where to get your equipment, when to give out free food, what kind of community events you’ll cater to. Everything is your decision, and you get to see the product of your hard work each and every day. It’s your hard work and your pay off, and when that first plate of food is served you’ll understand exactly why stress from a normal job and stress from running a restaurant are two absolutely different things.

Running a restaurant is not for everyone, but if you’ve got the right mindset then opening a restaurant and running it can be some of the most exciting years of your life. But it is a serious commitment, so you should finish that pros and cons list up before you make a decision, but if you think you’re the kind of person who can handle it then you know what our recommendation is. Good luck!

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