Matfer Bourgeat

Matfer BourgeatMatfer Bourgeat is a company that specializes in professional kitchens and laboratories around the world. With over two centuries of experience in the industry, this is the most established kitchen and laboratory provider in the world.

Matfer Bourgeat has been privileged to serve thousands of clients as they’ve watched their business portfolio grow through generations of owners and customers alike. You will not find a more established company that’s ready and suited to fulfill your restaurant’s needs. Clients have had faith in this company and have trusted them to provide the best professional kitchens and laboratories for their businesses.

Matfer Bourgeat Canadian Dealer

Customer Service

The products and customer service Matfer Bourgeat has to offer will appeal to clients around the world. You are likely considering this company because you own a hotel, catering service, professional kitchen, luxury restaurant, or a similar business in the food service industry. As all their clients know, no matter what your needs are, you simply won’t be disappointed when you partner with Matfer Bourgeat.

Once you purchase one of their professionally designed and quality implemented professional kitchens or laboratories, you will become a customer for life. Established business owners simply can’t risk trusting the design of their kitchen or laboratory with anyone else.


From a small pastry, to the town’s bakery, or even a fine dining restaurant, Matfer Bourgeat has set the industry standard. The complete range of kitchen utensils offered by Matfer Bourgeat is simply unchallenged in the food service industry.

Their equipment remains as legendary as the restaurants that use it. The bakeware and pastry offered are the best in the industry. The company also offers chocolate, slicing, and cookware, along with table tops and appliances to fill your kitchen with elegance and grandeur.

Generations have trusted Matfer Bourgeat with their kitchen and laboratory needs and now you can too.