Brew Global now at Specialty Beverage Solutions

Brew Global

Specialty Beverage Solutions is now the Canadian distributor for Brew Global.

Brew Global is a worldwide distributor, wholesaler and retailer of products for the coffee industry. Based in the U.S., Brew Global delivers barista tools, brewing gear and coffee machine cleaning products.  Brew Global was founded in 2015 by people with a passion for the coffee industry and what it takes to get the best result when brewing.

The current and future offering of Brew Global products includes:

  • Brewista
    • Electric kettles – for coffee and tea
    • Espresso smart shot cups
    • Glass and double-walled carafes and servers
    • Portafilter holder and light
    • Scales – multi-functional and pocket versions, designed specifically for the brewed beverage industry
    • Steeping filters – for pour over brewing
    • Travel mugs
    • Cold brewers – commercial sizes. COMING SOON!
  • Coffee Gear
    • Coffee analyzer
    • Tampers
  • Rhinowares
    • Hand grinders – tall and short
    • Knock tubes – commercial and domestic sizes
    • Milk pitchers and grips – Stainless/etched and non-stick finishes
    • Pitcher rinsers – Short and long drain tray designs
    • Shot glasses – straight and double spouted
    • Tamping mats – corner and flat designs
    • Thermometers – Digital and analog for all pitcher sizes
  • Cafetto
    • Coffee machine cleaning products for all facets of machines and grinders

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