Should I Own a Blendtec Blender At Home?

Blendtec Blender

Blendtec blenders are a company perhaps best known for its viral marketing campaign called Will it Blend?, in which the founder of the company, Tom Dickson, dons safety glasses and attempts to use his company’s blenders to mix up unlikely items like marbles and smartphones.

Per the Will it Blend? campaign, this blender manufacturer has positioned itself as the frontrunner in the world of commercial and restaurant blending machinery.

But you may want one for your own home kitchen once you’ve read a bit more about what they can do.

Blendtec Blender – The Basics

As stated above, Blendtec provides a range of blender options for the professional and commercial set. An entry-level Blendtec blender will run you anywhere from several hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand.

What exactly do you get for your investment in a Blendtec blender, though??

Let’s take the consumer-focused option, the Total Blender Classic, and see what it has to offer:

  • It’s powerful. The 1560-watt motor in the blender base provides ample energy to slice through nearly any (reasonable) job a home chef could want. At its highest setting it operates at a whopping three horsepower, which is as powerful as many lawnmowers.
  • It’s big. The large, four-inch blade can handle many oversized jobs, and purports to provide one of the smoothest and most uniform blends in the industry. The Total Blender Classic comes with a square-shaped jar that holds nearly three quarts.
  • It’s a space-saver. Blendtec offers the notion that their blenders can replace up to nine different dedicated kitchen appliances, from mixers to knives to bowls to cutting boards.
  • It’s automated and easy to use. Blendtec blenders offer a range of different programmable options, and all models feature smooth spin-up and -down.

Blendtec’s focus has clearly been on quality and versatility in a range of applications.


Blendtec will perform essentially any job expected of a normal blender. This, of course, ranges from simple smoothies and soups to batters and mixes. The Total Blender Classic goes well beyond normal blenders, though, and is able to blend far thicker concoctions like nut butters and bread dough.

One of the things that Blendtec itself highlights about its blenders that differentiates their products from other types of blenders is its ability to “[turn] ice to snow.” This speaks to Blendtec’s devotion both to power and uniformity, as many blenders struggle to eliminate large chunks of ice from the final mix.


Blendtec blenders do have downsides to their operation in a home environment. Aside from the simple expense of investing in the machine, the biggest caveat to Blendtec blenders ownership is the noise. Across the board, owners have reported that these powerful blenders are just extremely loud when operating at full bore.

Noise aside, though, a Blendtec blender becomes a serious purchase consideration if it’s at all affordable. The simple replacement of many kitchen appliances coupled with its small footprint and high power mean that those who invest in it will likely be going back to it again and again.

Since Blendtec blenders were designed with the busy kitchen in mind, it becomes very evident that simplicity and accessibility were priorities during the product concept process. For those concerned with the drama and hassle involved in using many blenders, rest assured that Blendtec makes the process far easier than it is with many other products.

Ultimately the decision about whether to add a Blendtec blender to your home comes down to economics, and that doesn’t mean affordability alone. It’s really about bang for your buck; regardless, a Blendtec blender is an investment. It’s feature-rich, durable, and powerful enough to cover a number of uses; if you find yourself fiddling with too many tools in the kitchen, it may be a worthwhile investment.